Who Am I?

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What happens when you die?   I don’t know, I guess it kind of requires you to answer the question of, who exactly is it that really dies?   Well, it’s me of course!, I will die.   Ok , well who are you?   Who am I?   Yes. Ok well my name is […]

Today is a great day to celebrate your naïveté.

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*Today is a great day to celebrate your naïveté. A day to recognize that you really don’t have a clue about what’s going on. And that’s ok. With all the happenings going on in the universe to all the happenings going on inside your cells. From the rush of air coming out of the vents […]

Eternity isn’t Forever

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I’ve heard a number of people lately talking about their soul in a 3rd person type way, saying something like, “ Oh I felt that pain deep in my soul” or “that makes my soul sing”.  Certainly you’ve all heard this, or have said this type of phrase from time to time. It’s a commonly […]

Who are you?

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If you’re hurting, Whether it’s physical or emotional, If your dig deep enough in trying to figure it out, You might come to the question of, Who’s hurting? You think you know the answer, Its me obviously …right?… but then then you have to ask: Who Am I? And when you follow that path past […]

Only One God?

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I had a conversation with a man the other day, about life and existence and of course the topic of god came about. Looking to find common ground, I asked him if we could both agree that we believed there was only one god?, and we did agree upon that. I said to him, “ […]

Infinite Transformation

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Looking out an extra large picture frame window, an eight year old boy watches the last snowflake of the first snowfall of the season land in its place. A small group of birds land in a tree and then fly off in another direction. Before long, a lone bird flying its own way comes into view. […]

The Nature of our Universe

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  Some brief thoughts on the Nature of our Universe The nature of our universe is that of vibration. Well being is constantly flowing to all things from source. Our Inner being, our highest self, our soul perhaps, is the true divine part of us that is eternal. This part of us guides us through […]

No one will remember you…

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I seem to ponder a lot of interesting thoughts. Here’s one I liked lately: Say in 150 years from now, No one will remember you. You’ll be just one of the many humans that roamed the earth during the transition age. I mean really, How often do you think about your great grandparent? I’m sure […]