“As any good leader knows, if you get the right people in place and let them do what they do best, you’ll end up with a successful endeavor”, says Mark Dahlen,
the creative visionary behind “Return to Love”,
the debut release from We Are Vibrational Beings.



After 2 decades of helping other artists achieve their creative goals,
Dahlen (songwriter/engineer/tour manager) has an important message for humanity;
“it’s time to wake up”.

“We’re at a tipping point on the planet right now. So many of our systems are breaking down, and the required changes for us to continue as a species means a total shift in how we do life”.
“ A shift in consciousness, to a more inclusive experience of the world is what is required to understand the solutions to the problems we face. It can definitely seem overwhelming on a personal level, as there isn’t any top down leadership preparing society. Fear and control has been the name of the game for quite some time, but it’s easy to see through those lies in today’s world.
A person may ask themselves, so what can I do? I’m just one person. how can I make an impact?
Well, we mustn’t forget, the ocean is just made up of drops”.

Through his own personal awakening, and battling illness throughout his adulthood, from lymes disease, to mercury toxicity to brain lesions & autoimmune issues, he’s had some really challenging physical experiences. Talking to him you might never know any of that occurred or is happening currently.

Assembling a group of incredible seasoned musicians, sharing a message from an old soul on a journey of uncharted terrain, they create a thematic record and make joining the journey irresistible.
“I handpicked players from groups I toured with. A bass player from this group, a drummer from that one, etc.. they’re all monster players, but they also had the right personal energy to bring this project to life”. The lineup includes Michael Webb (Chris Stapelton, John Prine) on organ, piano and wurlitzer.
Ed Smoak (Eric Church), on electric guitar and mandolin. Rick Lonow (POCO, The Flying Burrito Brothers) on drums and percussion. Ron Johnson (Gregg Allman band, Warren Haynes band) on Bass guitar. Appearances by Chad Jeffers(Carrie Underwood, Kenny Loggins) on Pedal Steel guitar, Kyle Moon on Bass, Eric Mirowitz on Keys, Jerry Carman on Electric guitar and Steve Brooks on Drums round out the list.

Diving deep into contemplation of the self, the album opens existential windows in the mind of the listener, while also traversing an easy to relate to path of overcoming obstacles through uncovering an acceptance of what is. It’s sure to be an inspiration to many facing their own challenges.

“This is way bigger than just me”. Says Dahlen, “This is life itself expressing to, and through humanity. I’m just a small part in the big message, and if this is how life wants to use me, well then….
who am I to blow against the wind?”