better than everyone else

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A man came up to me recently after a gig and said he really enjoyed my songs and liked the lyrics a lot, they really made him think. Then he also said he felt that I can sometimes come off as if I think I’m better than everyone else.

I smiled and said” I am better than everyone else”

He looked surprised that I would admit such a thing. 

I repeated “ I am better than everyone else, just not in the way you think”

“There are far better singers and guitar players in this town than I am. And there are more intellectual thinkers and deeper philosophers than I am. But there is no one better than me at being me.

I’ve done a great deal of personal work on myself to peel away the layers of conditioning, see past the manipulation of society, and the pressures of the ego and its need to feel important, and without a doubt I can comfortably and honestly say that I am better than everyone else at being me.”

“I am incredible, because life is.”

He seemed to feel some peace about that.

My hope is that in that moment in dawned on him that he too, like all of us, are unique and that we are the only version of us that exists. 

Could it be that you are better than everyone else too ?


Of course you have to come back to that tricky question of who am I? 

Which I always love, because it reveals truth without dogma or expectation, and can lead to a fuller experience of life.


You are incredible, because life is.~


If you’d like to explore more of these kind of thoughts in a musical way, you can check out my latest efforts here.




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