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Through his own personal awakening, and battling illness throughout his adulthood, from lymes disease to mercury toxicity to brain lesions and autoimmune issues, Mark Dahlen, the creative visionary behind WAVB has taken these challenges and transformed them into music for the seeking mind. If you are looking for answers to the bigger questions, like why are we here? and what’s this whole life thing all about? then this is a message from an old soul on a journey of uncharted terrain made especially for you.

With lush vocal harmonies and lyrics to help you contemplate the life experience, interwoven with soundscapes and surrounded with the sounds of early 70’s roots rock akin to George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd. This ensemble of incredible musicians create the thematic record that has all the right players doing all the right things to sweep the listener up and make joining the journey irresistible.

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