Eternity isn’t Forever

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I’ve heard a number of people lately talking about their soul in a 3rd person type way, saying something like, “ Oh I felt that pain deep in my soul” or “that makes my soul sing”. 

Certainly you’ve all heard this, or have said this type of phrase from time to time. It’s a commonly used expression, yet I think it understates the nature of the soul, and our sense of being in this world.


Many people around the globe believe that the soul is the part of you that continues after death. The mind and the body fall away as the breath expires, and the soul continues on the journey in the after life or the next life or whatever their belief systems instill.


So I find it curious to think about things like,

if the soul is the part of you that will continue on, isn’t that the real you?…


If so, wouldn’t it be incredibly advantageous and almost imperative to learn to identify with that aspect of yourself now?..


We spend so much of this life with the belief that we are the body and that we are the mind, when we can see even our belief systems tell us that this isn’t the real truth of who we are. 


We exist as if our identities will come from our experiences and the roles we play, like I’m a mother or business man, hunter or rock climber, graduate from this school, this particular sports team fan, church member or politician etc… 

We think this is who we are. 

A collection of experiences and memories.


It seems that the soul is not really experienced from that thinking & believing state of self. The body and mind are just tools for navigating this world. If the soul is believed to be that part of us that continues into life after death, it seems to me that this really is, the real you.


From the souls perspective, this life is just a part of the eternal experience that it is. It never dies and for all we know it was never born. If one believes it continues after the body dies, why are we so confident that it only began with the birth into this body?..

Isn’t it reasonably possible that the souls everlasting, ongoing existence could extend in both directions, and this life would just be a continuation of eternity? 

Everlasting life, no birth, no death, just life experiencing.

Right now we define ourselves and differentiate between our self and others and the outside world because we have physical bodies. 

We have a container that keeps us in, and other life out, or at least our experience is that way. 


A piece of bread on your plate seems separate from you, and yet when you consume it, it becomes you, your body. Perhaps you drop a potato chip to the ground, and it literally becomes the ant that consumes it. 

Just a different transfer of the life energy, the great mystery just is.

Even so, when our incredibly perceptive bodies perish and we no longer occupy this same space, what we are left with is non physical.


In the absence of the physical,

unity as oneness is the only reality.


And if we do go on, and that is the real us, than unity is the real us too. We just don’t experience that in a conscious way here in this experience, until we learn to shift our perceptions and use awareness of the present moment to begin to glimpse this eternal self.


It’s quite the game we have going on here eh?…


If one adjusts how one thinks about and experiences time,

as not so much of a linear process, but as of a life process of expansion, you can see the world in a different way. 

There was less, and now there is more. Expansion without limit. 

It’s not so much of a thinking about how long something takes, it’s more of a thinking about it in a way of anticipation of what is yet to come through expansion. One’s relationship to the concept of “time” changes, and so does the experience of “reality”.

As a human alive here on earth, you’re always out here on the leading edge of expansion, right here in the present moment.

So how would we come to know oneself as the soul first and foremost?

I’ve found that it is in the quiet spaces of being. 

The underlying life experience behind thought that backs all of your reality is a place where this presence is known. It has been said, “be still and know”. Yet how many people actually commit to daily stillness? Not praying, but stillness.


I do think most people have felt this sense of presence and silent wonder in their lives if only briefly. Perhaps a moment in nature when the noise of the world just fades away, and you’re left with just pure being, an unspeakable presence. That space that words do not convey, where one can hardly describe it to another, it’s something that only you can experience. This depth of being is the underlying reality of our very existence.


It isn’t found through the intellect.

It is not something you can think about and understand. It is only through direct experience, through a palpable feeling of life within and around you where you begin to glimpse this space and begin to have deeper knowing of who you are.  


We want to try and think about it to understand it, because this thinking mind is the tool we have sharpened most, and we create our identity as this thinking mind. But it will do us no good in this pursuit of knowing found in the stillness. It is more of a feeling of life, than having a feeling about life.


Meditation offers access to the soul, and creates the space between your sense of self and your body and your mind. Through consistent dedication to sitting still, one finds the energy of life is present whether you are thinking or doing something or not. 


I find it’s quite wonderful to not have to think all the time, where being is all you are. When you begin to experientially know the life process as your soul, you begin to know the real you.



From there it may begin to be easier to see that the past is just a memory and the future is just imagination. 

One can come to know that ~now~ is the only time that we ever actually experience. 

The past directly depends on the present moment to even exist. 

If this moment now wasn’t here, the experience you had 1 minute or 10 years ago would not exist. The past only exists because of the present. 


Think if you will, about something that you experienced that was of great meaning to you, a moment of tenderness. Perhaps with your lover, or with your child or your pet. 

Have an image or a feeling?…

Ok, While holding that in your mind, think of the tip of your nose and notice the air coming in slowly with your breath. Feel your body relax as you exhale.

Notice the love you feel, is coming from within you now.

 It is only in the now that we experience life. That moment you recalled seemed to happen before but your experience of it is here and now.

It took me a very long time to really understand that reality.  You can only have the experience of “looking back” as a memory, in this present moment. As it’s been said, “the wake doesn’t drive the ship”.




The future, with all of its possibilities, the positive expectations and gut wrenching anxiety are all projections of something that might happen, but even when we experience these thoughts and feelings about the future, they are happening now, in this moment. 

You never directly experience the future. 

Your experience of reality is always now, 

you can’t get away from now, 

now is all there is.


“If we take eternity to mean, not everlasting temporal duration, but a moment without time, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present “

Ludwigg Wittgenstein 


Eternity is a moment without time.


You thought death was the end, 

because you thought birth was the beginning.

You are human,

 you can see things differently now.


So with the soul being everlasting, 

eternal in nature,

it is here and now.



Eternity isn’t Forever.

Eternity is Now.


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