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Mindfulness has become a little bit of a buzz word as of late. I’m not sure it’s always understood and used in the true sense of it, but I think it’s great that it’s become a bigger part of the current lexicon.
Mindfulness is really just about paying attention. A tool to bring your attention to the present moment where you are really experiencing life.

The present moment is really the only moment we can actually ever experience.
We seem to have been through the past and yet we only visit it as a memory. We experience the memory in the present. In a way, the past depends on the present to even exist…

Same with the future, it exists as imagination. Our excitement in anticipation and/or fear about events that might occur at some other time, but we experience those feelings in the here and now. We all know that tomorrow never actually arrives…

Maybe you’ve been to the diner that has this sign up

Right?, You go tomorrow and the sign still says the same thing….

We can try another way on how to think about this.

Try raising your hand tomorrow.

It’s easy to be fearful of the future, or hold ourselves in past regrets, but those emotions we are having, only happen right now. If we give a level of mindfulness to our thoughts, we can seen that we can watch our mind and witness our thoughts come into being.

So awareness now is part of your experience. Now it is just about making a consistent effort to pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking. Nothing that difficult, simple really, just take a deep breath now and then during your day, and if you notice you are feeling poorly, check your thoughts. “hey, i’m thinking this thing right now and it doesn’t make me feel good!”

You might say, “Alright, I noticed it, and even if I can’t shake that bad feeling thought, I at least noticed I was thinking and now I know”.
If morning cartoons ever taught us anything, it was; “knowing is half the battle“…


If you want, right now.
just sit there and breath a bit and contemplate how incredible it is just to be here…

Of all the stuff happening in the whole universe and this is where you are at.
This place right here. Right now.
This place is where you exist in all of reality. Everything you can think of in the whole existence of the universe, and here you are. It’s pretty damn incredible.

From a certain point of view, it’s fair to say we are celestial beings….

You can practice mindfulness almost anywhere.
I like to do it standing in the line at the grocery store.You’re waiting there, theres a whole bunch of people..
Maybe you feel anxious having to wait, and you want to look at your phone.
You can just breath in deep….
take in all the intensity of the lights and the sounds. the beeps, the squeaks, the carts and overplayed grocery store radio songs…. just breath it in.

Say hey, I’m here. it’s now. this is great.
Where in your body do you feel that anticipation to get through the line?
How does my body feel, Top of the head?, down to the toes?

Take a deep breath in and just feel yourself as a part of that scene going on right there.
Can you be present for that feeling of completion?

If you can’t shake the anxiousness and fill it with something slightly more pleasant feeling don’t worry about it. You’re paying attention now, and you’ve got a lot of momentum built up until now of unconscious thinking. It’s Ok, everybody does. Don’t beat yourself up, just let it go now.
The majority of humans have been experiencing existence in a certain unconsciousness way.
Now it’s different. We can all wake up. the time is now. Let us all make it happen.

If you’d like to explore this type of experience further, in a musical way,
click here to listen to the debut release of We Are Vibrational Beings – Return to Love.

When you move into a place of mindfulness as a way of being, it shifts into a certain degree of unfocused awareness of the present moment. Life becomes more of a feeling than of a thinking. You still have the option to think and use your mind, but it isn’t necessary in order to just exist. You just breath in and feel existence. More on that another day…

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