Infinite Transformation

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Looking out an extra large picture frame window, an eight year old boy watches the last snowflake of the first snowfall of the season land in its place.

A small group of birds land in a tree and then fly off in another direction.
Before long, a lone bird flying its own way comes into view.

“Sometimes I feel like that bird” said the boy to himself.
“Alone, going my own route” he continued.

A voice from within the boy spoke;
“That bird is never alone.
Even on his own,
he has the support of the wind”.

A peaceful presence ran through the boy that he wouldn’t begin to understand for fifteen more years.


I grew up messing around recording things when I was a kid on my dads old reel to reel that he got in Vietnam. I found it one day with a few reels of things like, Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass, some Beach Boys collections, and the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Music was always a big part of my life. Involved in piano for a few years as a kid, followed by the choir thing in junior high and then the garage band scene took hold in highschool. I started writing songs and essays, sometimes scribbling notes and drawings on the wall above my bed. The Grateful Dead opened me up to worlds of music and other realms I hadn’t yet known. All this while increasing my knowledge about recording & concert production.

I didn’t even know being a concert promoter was a thing, but there I was at 15 years old renting small pavilion venues with an agreement signed by my mother because I was under age. Organizing multi-band lineups, renting a generator, designing the minimal sound and lights setup, making live recordings with the reel to reel in tact, performing a set with my own band…, I even had some good mates light off fireworks on the last song of the night…Good times with old friends….

Just after high school I was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. That catalyzed a series of challenging events to follow. Mercury toxicity and autoimmune issues crept in as my body fell apart. Any one of those three things would be enough to keep you from pursuing your goals and out of commission. It kept me seeing doctors and specialists, in and out of hospitals and doing treatments both western and holistic, with many diets, protocols and eventually multiple surgeries, in an attempt to get well. To say it was a difficult time in my life would be a great understatement. Many challenges are still present with me today.

At the same time as my body was crumbling, the voice from when I was that small boy was calling me deeper and deeper within to bring my awareness to the eternal infinite nature of our existence. Incredible synchronicities and the right people at the right time came into my life. Inspiration came through me manifesting in words and melody. Through meditation and quiet contemplation I have come to know a separate reality that exists for all people, yet goes on unaware in our common consciousness.

Coming forward to now, I made a record, and with today’s technology I was able to write, record, produce and mix all of the songs. I brought in some great friends and monster musicians  that helped to create this musical journey. This record is not just a collection of songs. It’s meant to be an experience for the individual, listened to in its entirety the first time through without distraction.
Like when you were a kid, and you’d go to the record store, pick something up, go home and put it on and just hangout on the floor, flip through the artwork and get lost in the music….
In a day and age when so much music is dumbed down, super processed and drenched in auto tune, this record has a lot of human moments on it….

Some things in life you have to go through in order to show up the way your were meant to be.
Life can be challenging . There is pain. There is discomfort. However, Suffering is optional.
Like many people, I’ve been through some challenges in my life and I’ve been through a phase of transformation.When you are at your best, you show up with your personal power and have more to offer the world.

This record is about trying to understand the human life experience, something we all share.
If you’ve ever contemplated the bigger things,
Like why are we here & what’s this whole life thing all about…?…
Then this record is definitely for you, and you can check it out here.
I hope you’ll consider picking it up and set aside an hour this week to do something different.

Let life lead you,
to be receptive,
to your own awareness.

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