No one will remember you…

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I seem to ponder a lot of interesting thoughts.
Here’s one I liked lately:

Say in 150 years from now,
No one will remember you.

You’ll be just one of the many humans that roamed the earth during the transition age.
I mean really, How often do you think about your great grandparent? I’m sure a few people here knew theirs, but the vast majority probably never met them or were too young to even remember.

So in 150 years no one will remember you much either.
so why the self imposed obstacle of fear getting in the way of doing what you long for?…

You know, That thing you’re afraid of….
I say just Create the thing you want to experience.

Do the thing your feel strongly about but are reluctant to do.

Oh my, What if it’s not good enough ?….

What will people think?..

That fear of rejection….


You’re only here for just a little while and no one will remember you in a short time anyway, so why not do it?…

And with that thought;
I’m delighted and quite literally beyond myself to announce that I will be releasing an existential musical journey next month. A debut album of original content meant for the current earth traveller. An experience for you coming on June 18th.
I’m Excited for you!
and for me. : )

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