Only One God?

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I had a conversation with a man the other day, about life and existence and of course the topic of god came about. Looking to find common ground, I asked him if we could both agree that we believed there was only one god?, and we did agree upon that.

I said to him, “ If we do believe there is only one god, then we must acknowledge and accept that people of another faith than our own, that know god, also believe in the same god”. He looked at me in a puzzled fashion and said he couldn’t quite come to agree upon that. He said “ well I believe their god and my god are not the same, as my god is the one true god.” “I can see how you could think that” I said, “It’s a common point of view of many religions”.

“Consider this” I continued “If that is your belief, than it is actually a belief in multiple gods, not in one god. You believe in your god, and their god and another’s god, thereby residing in a belief in many gods.”
“No, no, there is only one true god and that is the god I believe in” he said.
I took a step further saying: “If the truth is, that there is only one god, and yet you claim that your god and another’s god is a different god. Then I believe you are more interested and concerned in being right, than in the unifying factor of the truth in one god.”
He didn’t seem to like being caught in this position of a misunderstanding in his own belief system

“Let’s look at this another way”: I said, trying to shift the energy of the moment.

Four men approach a great mountain from four different directions. Each one choosing their path with dedicated pursuit in finding the best way to climb to the top. Each one reaches the top and sees the magnificence of all creation. If each one were to describe the journey from their point of view, it could look very different. Some would have encountered thick forests, while others might have to crawl between boulders or deal with snow and ice. Some may encounter seemingly dangerous animals, while others may have seen many beautiful flowers.

As each man would reach the top and experience the divine panoramic view, he might think that his way was the only way to the top. They might go back down to tell others of this path, and to encourage them to follow in these exact footsteps.

From our objective view of the story we can see that it is the same mountain they have all climbed, and each path did lead to the top. No path was better than another, yet each one revealed a way to get there.

It is when we stand back outside ourselves and look, we can see the truth, and that the glorious view from the top can be reached in many ways.

There is only one mountain.


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