The Nature of our Universe

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Some brief thoughts on the Nature of our Universe

The nature of our universe is that of vibration. Well being is constantly flowing to all things from source. Our Inner being, our highest self, our soul perhaps, is the true divine part of us that is eternal. This part of us guides us through our day to day selves, in proportion to the manner that we accept its guidance. We are vibrational beings first and foremost, and our ability to allow or resist the natural state of well being flowing to us, is what determines the “reality” we experience.

Our thoughts create our vibration, which emanates out into the vibrational universe. This process creates our point of attraction, and the law of attraction brings to us that which is like our vibration. Through conscious or unconscious use of our thoughts, we can create a higher or lower frequency on which we vibrate, and in which we attract other things/experiences/beings that are on our same vibration. It is in this way that we co-create our own reality.

Our Feelings are our guidance system. Showing us whether or not we are in alignment with our inner being, where well being flows to us easily. When we feel good, we know that we are allowing well being in with our thoughts and point of attraction. When we feel poorly, we know we are resisting the well being with our thoughts and point of attraction. What we think about and hold our attention to, is what we offer as a vibration for attraction. We can change our experience by focusing our thoughts on things that make us feel better and vibrate at a higher frequency, thus attracting more things that keep us feeling good and expanding to a higher frequency. It is possible to be going through some incredibly challenging experience and still feel a sense of peace knowing your eternal self.


Tending to our own vibration and connection to source, is the relationship we need to be concerned with first and foremost. When we are aligned with source energy, we allow well being to flow to us, and through us and it allows us to help others.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out.

Let me know how it works out…


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