Who are you?

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If you’re hurting,
Whether it’s physical or emotional,
If your dig deep enough in trying to figure it out, You might come to the question of,
Who’s hurting?

You think you know the answer,
Its me obviously …right?…

but then then you have to ask:

Who Am I?

And when you follow that path past the superfluous inventory of your history and the roles you play. I’ve done such and such, and went to this school, and I’m a mother, businessman, church member etc… once you go past all of that in search if who am I, that’s when it gets really Interesting, and life starts to show itself to you.

Of course, it’s only work that you can do, and it’s only an experience only you can have.
No one can have it for you.

The things you may find and the truth and wisdom you may discover, makes knowing your alive and being here so much more incredible.

Go ahead.
ask yourself….




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